Accelerate your fundraising and increase your income by evidencing your impact. 

If funding applications are too frequently being rejected, the Impact Accelerator for Fundraising programme will get you the impact data that funders are asking for and present it in a way that will put you firmly on the 'yes' pile.

You know you need to prove to funders the difference your charity makes, but why does it seem so hard?


Does any of this resonate with you?

  • Funding applications are being rejected because you can't provide sufficient evidence that your project is worth investing in.
  • You are great at telling stories of lives changed, but unable to back them up with solid outcomes data.
  • You are struggling to persuade colleagues to spend time capturing the impact data that you need.


You're not alone!

Too many charities are losing out on funding and opportunities to change lives because they can't measure and demonstrate the difference they make in an engaging way.

How much funding are you missing out on?

Introducing the Impact Accelerator for Fundraising.

A programme of online learning and implementation to help you capture robust impact data to inform and inspire funders of the difference made by your charity. 

It will enable you to: 

  • Increase the success rate of funding applications by defining the intended outcomes and impact of your project and how you will measure this. 
  • Build stronger relationships with funders and donors by creating an inspiring impact report and other communications that showcase the difference your charity makes. 
  • Raise more money by engaging with funders and donors more effectively.
  • Increase your impact by analysing data and identifying what works. 

Why does impact matter?

The stories and data about what you do, why and the difference this makes are key to inspiring funders and achieving a sustained impact. 

Don't just take our word for it!

  • 88% of funders think that impact measurement makes charities more effective.
  • 87% said that evidence of impact plays at least some part in their decision to give a grant.

(NPC, 2013)

“Much of the data that is generated by charities is deemed to be largely irrelevant to donors.” 

(Third Sector Research Centre, 2020) 

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Doors to registration close on 1st October 2020.









What you get: 

The pilot online programme will consist of:

  • Fortnightly live tutorials so you can discover how to define, plan, measure, analyse and communicate your impact.
  • Fortnightly live Q&A calls to apply the learning within your organisation.
  • Online modules that you can share with colleagues.
  • Essential templates and checklists, saving you time developing your impact framework and impact report from scratch. 
  • Model survey questions to increase response rates and save time analysing data.
  • Private Facebook Group, so you can access support from me and your fellow participants when you need it.

At the end of the programme you will leave with an impact report with credible data and inspiring stories that you can proudly send to funders and donors.

Here's a breakdown: 

Mid-October 2020

  • Understand the basics of impact terminology
  • Identify the data your stakeholders need
  • Define your impact goal
  • Plan how to get team members engaged in capturing and analysing impact data

November 2020

  • Define your outcomes
  • Develop your Theory of Change or Logic Model
  • Develop an Impact Framework that sets out what you will measure, how and when you will measure it, and who will be responsible

December 2020

  • Design the surveys and other data collection tools (such as interview questions and observation sheets) to measure your outcomes and, if appropriate, the long-term impact
  • Start capturing outcomes and other impact data

Jan - February 2021

  • Analyse and understand your data
  • Develop a data dashboard that can be shared internally
  • Identify how to improve projects to increase your impact

March 2021

  • Create graphics and an infographic to visualise your data
  • Write inspiring case studies
  • Develop your impact report

Need more support?

We can also provide additional tailored support through a VIP package to a small number of organisations, which will include a private workshop to develop your Impact Framework and Theory of Change, and a review of your surveys and impact report.

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Is this programme right for your organisation?

The Impact Accelerator for Fundraising is for you if:

  • You lack credible outcomes data and instead rely on numbers of people reached, quotes and stories.
  • You want to measure the outcomes achieved through front-line projects and services but don’t know where to start.
  • You are a small or medium-sized charity or social enterprise that supports people, and your fundraising success is suffering because you cannot provide the outcomes and impact data that your funders require.

Why is this programme different?

Maybe you’ve been on courses before and the notes stayed on your desk, with nothing materialising from your learning? (It’s ok, we’ve all done it!)

Impact Accelerator for Fundraising will be different!  We will focus on implementation and I will support you every step of the way.

Still not sure if this is right for you?  Book a call and let’s discuss if your organisation is a good fit for this programme.

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What others have said …

This is a pilot programme and we very much hope you will provide testimonials on your experience of the programme.  Here’s what some organisations have said about our consultancy support:

"The evaluation exceeded our expectations. Emma was friendly, solution-focused and thoughtful throughout."

Bryan Precious, FareShare UK.

“You nailed the core value of our service and gave it a new emphasis.”

Helen McShane, CLIC Sargent

“I love the evaluation report and use it all the time. It’s really clear, easy to read, and so helpful on a fundraising level.”

Laura Warner, Depaul UK

“The evaluation evidenced our impact in a compelling and inspiring way.  It was brilliantly received by our leadership team.”

Hayley Ostler, Love4Life


Your investment

Impact Accelerator for Fundraising


  • Lifetime access to 5 training modules for you and up to four colleagues

  • Fortnightly live group Q&A calls (recorded)

  • Private (members only) Facebook Group
  • Planning Templates (including Logic Model and Impact Framework)
  • Examples of common outcomes, indicators and measures
  • Survey framework and checklist
  • Common survey questions

  • Report templates (graphics, infographic & impact report)










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Impact Accelerator for Fundraising VIP


  • Lifetime access to 5 training modules for you and up to four colleagues

  • Fortnightly live group Q&A calls (recorded)

  • Private (members only) Facebook Group
  • Planning Templates (including Logic Model and Impact Framework)
  • Examples of common outcomes, indicators and measures
  • Survey framework and checklist
  • Common survey questions

  • Report templates (graphics, infographic & impact report)

  • Private online workshop with Emma (and your colleagues) to develop your Theory of Change (or Logic Model) and Impact Framework (delivered over 2-3 online sessions).
  • Personal review of your survey and measurement tools by Emma.
  • Personal review of your draft graphics, stories and impact report by Emma.
  • One additional one-to-one call and ad-hoc email support.
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Act quickly to access this bonus!

The first three organisations to fully register will be able to book an exclusive one-to-one online call with me to discuss any area of your impact measurement, strategy or financial sustainability, so you can start increasing your income and impact immediately. 

Your money-back guarantee

I will give you an entire 365 days to try the Impact Accelerator for Fundraising programme and capture the data you need to evidence the difference made through your organisation.  If, after that time, you are unable to make that happen, contact my team and we will happily refund your investment. 

But you will have to show me that you completed the programme and did the work.  The Impact Accelerator will give you the outcomes data and stories you need to transform fundraising, but only if you are willing and committed to doing the work.

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About me and why I’m piloting this programme

I have first-hand experience of the thrills and terrors of charity leadership; my career started as a fundraiser and I was CEO of two charities and turned both around from near-insolvency to a sustained surplus.

I became an independent consultant in 2010 and over the last decade I have worked with dozens of organisations to evaluate their services and measure their impact. From household name charities such as FareShare and MS Society to small projects such as Love4Life and Culture Shift.

I speak to so many frustrated fundraisers who want to measure their impact but aren’t sure where to start, or they are wasting time measuring the wrong things. 

There’s a limit to the number of organisations I can support through my one-to-one consultancy. Several charities have asked for a more cost-effective way of working with me, so I am opening up access to my methods through this pilot Impact Accelerator for Fundraising programme.

Frequently asked questions

The Impact Accelerator for Fundraising isn’t a course like many others you may have taken and it’s not a consultancy project.

It is a step-by-step programme of learning, support and implementation that will give you the credible data you need to include in funding applications and reports. 

Still have questions?

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It’s decision time.

Register now to start capturing clear and credible impact data that will inform and inspire your funders and donors. 

I am accepting only eight organisations on this pilot programme at this significantly discounted price.  Doors will be closing on 1st October 2020 or when we have filled eight spots (whichever is sooner).

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